"Behind the Scenes as an Accessories Stylist"

Written by: Jenny Anne
A true fashionista who has traveled the world developing her fashion talents with fashion heavy hitters and is now in Nashville, TN.

For years now, I have been working heavily in the fashion industry and over the past 3.5 years,  I have been working with an amazing jewelry line called lia sophia. It's high end costume jewelry that has been all over the Red Carpet, on the MTV Video music awards, E Entertainment Television & even the Kardashians have been rocking it! From NY to LA, it is greatly recognized as fabulous bling and even premier’s new collections at NY Fashion Week every year.

Recently, I have started styling a ton of runway shows in Nashville with the jewelry and have been having a ball with it. My newest event I am working on is called Nashville Extravaganza of Art and Design which debuts at 6:00pm on November 27th at Avenue 9 located at 312 9th Avenue South. Tickets are now available online at nashextra.nashvillefashionevents.com

It consists of 11 local designers, 2 artists, and 5 music acts as well as tons of other behind the scenes talent.I am thrilled to be able to accompany all of these looks with the jewelry.

It is so much fun doing what I do because I have amazing designers choose their models, dress them in their garments, and send them my way to do the finishing touches with my fab jewels.Once I have finished accenting the model’s look, I go back over to the designer to confirm the completed ensemble and that sets it for the show.Of course anything could happen at the last minute with fashion so you always have to be on your toes and have other options to work with.Once the jewelry is chosen for that model it is written up with her name and look on it then placed off to the side so it generally doesn’t get used again during the show.I really try to stick with showing a piece only once during an event to allow myself to show as much of a variety as possible.Just like a designer would do with their collection.

While accessory styling, I look at it like Feng Sui and decorating a room.It’s all about placement and balance with the outfit.It’s just like if you had an empty corner in a room you’d want to place something there to complete the overall look and feel.Jewelry is the same way.

When I walk into a room for a fitting I go straight for a good size table and start pulling out tons of different styles of costume jewelry from my collections.I place it all out where I can see it and when a model comes my way dressed in her garments I stand back, take in the ensemble from top to bottom and then I begin to accessorize.I take into consideration the style of the outfit; whether it is office friendly, rock n roll chic, or even formal wear.The cut of the top, whether it has a high collar, round cut, v-neck or otherwise can not only effect the necklace chosen or not, but it can also play a major role in the earrings worn as well.You never want to overdo it with really big earrings and a large necklace as well.Sometimes, less is more.

I pay close attention to the colors not only in the outfit but the features on the model as well.What shade is her complexion, her eye color, hair color, and even her body type?

Most people don’t think of jewelry as an element of physical flattery.It can actually compliment your figure by elongating you, making your eye color pop or even accentuating the shape of your face.

While I’m behind the scenes styling, I am non-stop for hours until everything is completely done.  It can be pretty intense and I’ve found myself needing to literally exhale afterwards because it seems I forget to breathe during the act.To me, being behind the scenes can almost be an adrenaline rush.It’s like a musician getting ready to perform.It gets really exciting and you always love to hear the reviews after the show.

Overall, I look at it as a form of creation and art and I am so grateful that I have such a cool, fun job.I could definitely use some help at it so anyone interested please feel free to drop me a line!!!!!I have a facebook fashion page where you can join me, under the name Jenny Anne.

There, we can chat fashion, jewelry, or whatever and if you drop me a line and ask me for details, I might even be able to hook you up with some FREE BLING so please don’t hesitate to say hi!

So come on out and enjoy the show on Nov. 27th.There will be a ton of amazing local talent you won’t want to miss out on.Plus, it will be a great time and will give you an opportunity to view some amazing looks as well as get your holiday shopping started.While you’re there, please stop by and say hi….I’d love to meet you and chat jewelry and fashion!