What Are We Up To?

Lots of things. But, we'll list a few here that we are still refining and working on. As things become available we will email our members and announce on our Facebook page. A few noteworthy things we are working on:

  • Articles from the old site still need to be imported
  • Photo albums will be made easier to navigate and share
  • Sharing content and commenting on content will come back
  • Login for old members is coming with a new features
  • A weekly update mail option to lessen the noise of constant email updates
  • Paid event promotion options
  • Advertising options
  • Fashion directory is coming (We have a unique spin on this but it's too much to mention here)
  • Selling NFE t-shirts and other limited run local goods
  • More workshops and events created by us
  • Boutique map and boutique pages
  • Other major member account upgrades