From New York To Tennessee

Written by: Sharon Cumberbatch
A former Ford (NYC) model and founder of Toti Fashion Agency

Strutting the runways at Bryant Park, New York, and flying to Los Angeles for shoots, the last thing I could have imagined was living in Murfreesboro, TN. I moved to the TN area seven years ago, and it  was quite an adjustment. Seven years ago Nashville and the surrounding areas did not have much to offer, as far as, fashion was  concerned. One could forget about trying to catch a glimpse of the latest spring attire on the runways in Nashville, or even keeping their hopes high about getting the latest clothing styles on time. Tennessee, as a whole, was lagging by three to four years in the fashion industry. 

Strolling down Second Ave, and visiting the Frist museum, there wasn’t much to see from the perspective of  a fashionista. It  was frustrating, and I  missed NYC, LA  and  or even Atlanta. After taking a  three year break from the fashion industry, I found TN to be below par. However, there is a different feel around town, now. Fashion shows are being produced by big names such as Oscar De La Renta, and Isaac Mizrahi to name a few. Fashion forums , such as, the Nashville Fashion Group, and Fashion Mashup,  have been created, likewise, modeling agencies are breaking out of the woodworks. 

Rutherford County is listed as one of the “hottest” places to do business and one of the fastest growing counties in the country, while Nashville is projected to be the 15th fastest growing city in the metropolitan area. 

This is wonderful news for the fashion industry. With such a growth spurt, people from all walks of life will be moving into the Nashville area, bringing new ideas, and more business. Nashville and it’s surrounding areas will have a better  platform or arena to showcase their flair for fashion.  I am not suggesting that Nashville will be anything like Bryant Park in February, or September, however, it promises to be one of the centers  that will display, not only local fashions, but will also showcase designs from international designers on a large scale.