Giving Back With Style Promenade

Written by: Will Bridges
Co-Founder and the guy who keeps the digital infastructure (website, technology, video) running. Also, the primary producer of video podcast.

Nashville Fashion Events has a sister site, Style Promenade, which we use to shine a spotlight on fashionable people in Nashville. Both Nashville Fashion Events and Style Promenade are owned by Fashion Bytes, Inc. Style Promenade actually launched in the middle of December of 2010 and has been very successful. It received over 30,000 hits just during the month of February in 2011.

The premise of Style Promenade is to catch fashionable people at events and at pedestrian areas in Nashville. That concept in itself isn't all that new. Some have suggested we are the Sartorialist of Nashville. However, I believe we are different in many ways. 

Each shoot we go on we call a 'Styleshoot' and on average we try to photograph between 12-16 people. Style Promenade doesn't select people that WE consider fashionable. We take what we call a 'Style Ambassador' with us to select people that THEY consider fashionable. This way, we get a great mix of different styles on the site. A Style Ambassador only needs to be someone we believe has a unique sense of style. We also mix up the locations and events we attend to get the most amount of diversity possible.

Also, each styleshoot is a competition. We use the Facebook 'like' button on each person's photo page. The person with the most amount of likes on their page recieves a ranking of first place. The photos are re-organized based on ranking. Each competition lasts for one week after we publish the photos. Sometimes there are prizes for first and second place such as gift certficiates, concert tickets, and even a private photoshoot. 

Tonight, Style Promenade is doing a syleshoot for charity. We are going to the "I'm Still Beautiful" fashion show. Our Style Ambassadors for the night will be Danielle Kimmey and Britt Johnson, founders of All Most Famous. We will publish the photos from the styleshoot within a week. After we publish the photos the competition will begin. We will donate up to $200 ($1 per like) on behalf of the winner to the I'm Too Young For Cancer Foundation after the competition ends. So, come to the show tonight and show up fashionable. You might just get selected for Style Promenade and help out a good cause.