Jenny Anne's Fall Frenzy Fashion Show Review

Written by: Jenny Anne
A true fashionista who has traveled the world developing her fashion talents with fashion heavy hitters and is now in Nashville, TN.

The other evening I had the pleasure of attending a Fall Frenzy Fashion event at the Art Institute of Tennessee’s Nashville campus. 

The students put the show together as a graded project which consisted of three runway shows by three different local boutiques.  All in support to raise money for a charity group called Soles 4 Souls which donates gently used shoes to those in need.  

I think giving back is always a must and I think this charity was a dead on for this event and a fabulous idea!

The overall event definitely brought the feeling of fall into the air.  I loved the level of professionalism and excitement. 

I think the students did a great job and the ambiance was extremely attractive and especially fitting.  The gift bags were a very chic touch as well, not to mention the killer tunes and attractive attendance.

I will say that no matter where in life we are we always have new things to learn so here are a few tips I’d give for the next runway event……

I loved the look of the décor throughout the stage but found it a bit distracting from the models and clothing.  I would have liked to have seen them when they came out onto the runway, but because of the added elements in the center it was a bit difficult. I only got the experience of seeing them walk back which I would have loved to have seen make their grand entrance as well. 

Also, a bit more light throughout the runway would have been fantastic.  There were certain spots with more light than others. Fashionistas always look at details in a garment and with low lighting and other distractions it is hard to get a good look at the apparel. 

Also, we knew which boutiques were being shown but did not know the order.  So when the clothing came out, we weren’t sure which boutiques we were watching when..…..Definitely a must!! I did find out after the show which group of garments belonged to which boutique, but would have liked to have known as many specifics as possible while watching. 

I really overall enjoyed it and found that each grouping had their own architectural uniqueness to the cut of the garments.  I love the way details and shapes are changing with the times and how we are in such a Coco Chanel inspiring faze of fashion.  The Feminine / Masculine touch on women’s wear these days is striking and very intriguing.

The first boutique that was presented was Pangea.  Showing mostly a mixture of stylish jackets as their main focus.  Extremely perfect for the upcoming season and some definite must haves, although there were leggings, leggings and more leggings.  I love leggings and they are very in these days but would have loved to have seen more diversity on what else could be worn with the trend savvy jackets being shown.

The second boutique, Muse I have to say was my favorite.  Their line showed great versatility in their pieces, amazing colors that are very new and fresh for the season and each piece was unique and showed great quality and diverseness.  Each item moved with the models gracefully and seemed to fit beautifully.  The fabrics were amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing more from this shop.

The third boutique was Blush.  I loved their clothes and thought they were very unique and chic.  Lots of very short dresses though and the word on the street in fashion these days is that the lengths are lowering to around the knee for fall.  I also felt that the dress fittings weren’t on point.  I noticed several models pulling their skirts down so their you know what’s didn’t appear, and the shoulder lines on other dresses were bunching up as they walked.  Not to say it was all bad.  They defiantly had some amazing power points but these are things that the detail obsessed pay close attention to in garments.

My biggest tip…when styling a shoot, runway show, video, movie or whatever… is key!!!!  It can make or break an ensemble and really show a piece’s true quality.  Also, never forget the importance in an amazing piece of fabric.  The way it lays, moves and even accentuates ones features is what fashion is really all about.

Overall I really enjoyed myself.  Thank you so much for having me and please feel free to drop me a line on facebook at Jenny Anne.  There we can chat more about fashion, upcoming events or even tips with hair, makeup and clothing. 

Have a great day and stay fabulous!


Below you can see the Fashion Mashup footage from the event!