Less Is More This Halloween

Written by: Beth Britton
Freelance fashion journalist and lifestyle writer. She searches for the best in vintage and bargain shopping for high fashion.

This weekend is Halloween which means this Friday and Saturday are all the parties and office get togethers. Before you head to your kitchen or junk drawer to throw together a last minute costume idea think a little simpler. Why not this year go for a little mystery and cattyness and leave them all wondering "Who was that masked girl?" at the end of the night.

All you need is a spectacular masquerade mask and a killer mini black dress!

I found mine last week at a quirky home deco store in downtown Clarksville but may I reccomend doing an Etsy shop search, or if you're real crafty then rush to a near by craft store to conjure something wicked up. Just make sure you don't end up looking like Zorro. Go all out!

Feathers are for my mask of choice. Even adding a little embellishment on the side like a sparkly thrift store clip on earring, or a floom can add instant charachter and drama.

But don't let the mask speak for itself, underneath have fun with your make up, a smokey eye, dark pouty lips with a bit of a glossy shine will really make the whole look Pop!

Plan your acessories carefully, remember less is more. Now get out there and leave them with their jaws dropped this Halloween.