Top 3 Worst Audition Mistakes

Written by: Kristen Darden
Beauty Queen, Model, and Coach Kristen Johnson-Darden has been bringing out the inner diva of fashionistas and Pageant Queens for over 13 years

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Everyone has heard that at lease once or twice. However, it is more easily said then done. As a model, you are called to be above average in your overall impression from the moment you step into your audition. When it comes to the catwalk, you have less than a minute for people to take in everything about you from head to toe.  Even in this industry where Beauty rules all, it will not take you the entire way. From my decade as a model, trainer, and show director, I have compiled a list of the top 3 worst mistakes that models make in auditions. Make sure this isn’t you!

The Wrong Outfit

Picking the wrong outfit is the best way to have a terrible audition. Often models make the mistake of doing “too much”. Here are the “too much” categories: too much make up, wearing too many trends, “too much” sexy. You never want your clothing to overpower you. Think chic, stylish, and simple. If it’s not an audition for a nightclub, do not come in your get ‘em girl dress! Dress in a manner that shows your best physical features with becoming a distraction. You want your audition judges to be able to see your true beauty coming through without having to decipher the outfit you have on.

Diva Demeanor

I know that Beyonce says that Diva is the definition of a Hustler, but it has a few other definitions as well. Just like Beyonce, those definitions start with “B”. A model with a terrible attitude is not worth working with for any show at any cost. Think of your audition as part of your career because it is a major part of it! With many shows, designers and sponsor get very little time to converse and get to know the people adorning their clothes on the catwalk. If you come off as a Diva from day one that will not only hurt the director of the shows reputation, but you will not be getting any callbacks on any networking you might do at shows. The fashion community is smaller than you think. Once a story of you being hard to work with is told, your new definition will haunt you. Na Na Na Not cool.

Walking the Walk

Don’t be surprised that many models do a lot of talking and very little walking! Let your actions in your auditions speak for you. Don’t waste your time trying to impress people with a long resume of events, shows, and accolades. You won’t be dressed in your resume. Each audition is fresh no matter how long you have been modeling. Act as though each one is your first. That is the best way to remain poised, polished, and professional. I live by these 3 Ps. Be ready with your own personalized signature chorography for the stage and one hella bad straight walk! Seek out a walking class if you must to help you prepare for auditions or the stage such as Fierce: Model/Pageantry Walking Class at Always be ready to step it up when asked.

Armed with these three tips, I hope that your next audition will be a success. Send me your audition stories and questions at Your modeling career starts with the quality of your audition. It will determines what doors will be opened to you.  Walk into each opportunity that you have with a fierce determination to present yourself in the best light possible. Being polite and professional goes the distance. I might just see you at your next audition so you better practice!