Welcome To Fashion Mashup

Written by: Will Bridges
Co-Founder and the guy who keeps the digital infastructure (website, technology, video) running. Also, the primary producer of video podcast.

Since March of this year we have been building content for Alicia Boswell's website. Mostly doing videos that centered around giving people information about what events were going on and some minor coverage of events that Alicia was in as a model. The episodes we did were called 'Alicia Boswells Fashion Mashup'. This had some pretty good success. We did a total of 29 videos. That includes 11 of the interviews we did as well. 

More recently we decided there was a real interest in this kind of content for Nashville. So, we stepped up our participation and built this one of a kind localized fashion network to cover events and people that matter in Fashion in Nashville and the surrounding area.

The coverage we are doing is mostly video but there will be some blog contributors. We plan on getting content from a much more varied group of contributors in Nashville to get the widest and most diverse perspective possible.

We are definitely not your traditional form of media. But we are defiantly the new media and ready to take Nashville by storm in a way that wasn't possible just 3-5 short years ago.  

We will not always just cover Nashville as we have near term plans to expand coverage to Atlanta and some other cities in the region. But we will always cover from a Nashville perspective.