NFW 2011: T. Rains Interview + Runway Show

Traver Rains, former co-creator of infamous fashion brand Heatherette, started his own line called T. Rains. The brand features a wide range of designs from silk-screened tank tops and t-shirts to custom couture dresses. On the second night of NFW 2011, T. Rains designs hit the catwalk and jaws hit the ground. With elaborate feather headdresses, speedos, along with sequins and flannel, there was a lot to take in with the "Cowboys and Indians" inspired theme for the show. See all the fabulous craziness for yourself and check out the interview we got with creator Traver Rains after the show. You'll want to watch it in it's entirety to see the 'Cock Fight' vest! Nashville welcomed him with open arms and it's no wonder he's returning for a second showing at NFW 2012.