Ravenwood Runway 2013 "Under Construction"

**The video was slightly sped up to condense a 1 hour show + commentary into a palatable {and not as lengthy} 20 minutes**

Here's our video of the 5th annual Ravenwood Runway,"Under Construction" 2013 student fashion show that was held on Saturday, April 27th. Will and Alicia were honored to be judges of last year's show and we're proud to be one of this year's sponsors-one of NFE's absolute fave shows each year. Sabrina Maggart heads this brood of talented young adults. This year's showcase featured construction themed collections and textile collections for the first half of the show that encapsule the year of student design and sewing in the classroom. The second half of the show (Private Collections) was done by advanced students that finance and plan their own program time-that means no school funds for materials. There is one children's line (with THE cutest kid models) titled "Tutu much Fun" and a recycables line called "Across the Spectrum". There are 18 total collections and all proceeds benefit two senior scholarships as well as O'More College of Design scholarships to all top placers. Video shot by Patrick Webster, photos by Tony Beasley, and edited by Alicia Boswell.